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About Us

The Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association (MNRSA) serves the recruiting and staffing industry through education, promotion and legislative representation.

Member Benefits


MNRSA is the only organization in Minnesota that advocates on behalf of the staffing and recruiting industry. MNRSA actively supports policies that enhance the economy and bolster opportunities for Minnesota's recruiting and staffing businesses. We are committed to working tirelessly to create an environment that supports the growth and success of the staffing industry.


MNRSA provides opportunities to connect directly with other industry professionals through our searchable member directory, events, and professional development opportunities. Additionally, MNRSA provides access to trusted industry partners who serve and support the staffing and recruiting industry.

Personal & Professional Development

MNRSA is your go-to destination for expertise in the staffing and recruiting industry. Our association brings together industry professionals to provide cutting-edge, industry specific education and training for every member of your organization. We are committed to ensuring continuous improvement for all members, fostering growth and excellence within the industry.